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We all know the value and importance of great strategic content and Social Media in this day and age. If you’ve attempted keeping an active social media strategy, you know how much work it takes and how difficult it can be to construct a plan that shows an actual return on investment.

That’s why here, at the media guide, we make things easier for you. By getting us to customise a strategy that suits your brand’s culture, and taking over the daily tasks of content creation, posting and community management, we help you free up your time to focus on the most crucial aspect of your business, your client.

Our only goal – to create content that works! We believe that an engaged audience of 10 000 followers is more valuable to your brand than a disengaged one of 100 000. By having an audience spread out over various platforms that actively and consistently engage in discussions, leave comments, and ask questions, your chances of having those followers become clients increase significantly.

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Marketing Management

If you’re reading this, you probably understand the frustrations of managing your brand’s social media marketing. Tirelessly scheduling posts, struggling to follow trends, and just trying to get your voice heard in all the noise. With a tailored marketing strategy in place, we identify your brand’s culture, the ideal target audience for your brand, and what content to create that best represents your brand, all the while adding value to your followers. Communicating your authority within your industry and convincing followers to buy your product or service is all about building a trusting relationship with your follower. With the right marketing strategies in place, over time, we help you increase the trust between your brand and your followers, resulting in higher sales, and greater profits.

Content Creation

In a world that’s overwhelmed by content in many forms, creating professional content that tells a story, captivates your audience and stirs emotion, is the only thing that can set your brand above any of your competitors. Our team of professional and passionate creatives have the knowledge, skills and creative know-how to produce content that portrays and communicates your brand’s identity to your audience in a way that will add value, build trust, and leave them wanting more.



July 2020

Content Creation That Works

We live in a world where there are over 3.5 billion active social media users that upload millions of pieces of content every single day. So how do you get your brand to break out through all the noise, and ultimately increase sales?

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