What We Do

Our only goal – to create content and strategies that work! We believe that an engaged audience of 10 000 followers is more valuable to your brand than a disengaged one of 100 000. By having an audience spread out over various platforms that actively and consistently engage in discussions, leave comments, and ask questions, your chances of having those followers become clients increase significantly.


Company Culture

Your brand’s culture is at the core of what you’re selling. Keeping this in mind, we spend time identifying your brand’s culture and what that will look like over various social platforms.

Target Audience

Targeting your audience is all about knowing which social platforms they spend most of their time on. Keeping your brand’s culture in mind, we identify these social platforms that would best represent your brand and its culture. We determine what your pillar platform would be, and use various other platforms to support it. This way, we ensure the highest potential reach among your target audience.

Content That Adds Value

In a world full of automated and generalised content, your audience is more likely to engage, and eventually convert into clients, if the content they consume is personal, authentic and adds value in some way. We determine what value-added content would best suit your brand and incorporate this information into our final strategy. That way, we ensure a higher success rate in faithful and engaged followers.


Our Approach

Our only goal – to create content that works! With our team of dedicated creatives, we ensure the content created for your brand is personal, authentically you and adds value to your audience. Experienced in various forms of content creation, such as photography, videography, writing, editing and various forms of production, we produce content, not just in the general sense, but the kind of content that expresses your brand and its culture in every post, tweet or article we put out.


Our Approach

Taking your personal strategy and created content, we manage the daily posting of content on various platforms. We focus on using other social platforms to direct as much of your audience as possible to your pillar platform. Your pillar platform is where the conversion from consumer to client is most likely to happen, it’s where we sell the client on your brand and it’s where the return on investment lies.

Social Platforms We Work With

Our Prices

Social Media Strategy Consultation
R4 500
Assistance With Setting Up Accounts
Assistance With Social Media Strategy
Assistance With Ad Budget
Social Media Tools Suggestions
Coaching on Community Engagement
Weekly Consultation Meetings
25% Discount On All Content Creation Packages
Standard Strategy & Management Plan
R11 000
3x Accounts
Social Media Strategy Management Plan
R 1 500.00 Ad Budget
3x Posts a week per platform
Daily Community Management
Biweekly Updates/Meetings
Custom Content Creation Plan
Monthly Reporting
Custom Strategy & Management Plan
R15 000
Custom Accounts
Social Media Strategy Management Plan
R 3 000.00 Ad Budget
Daily Posting
Daily Community Management
Biweekly Updates/Meetings
Monthly Content Creation
Custom Content Creation Plan
Monthly Reporting

More Expertise

Looking for professionally made content? Whether it’s Facebook photos, videos for your website, or assistance with writing a monthly newsletter, we have the skills you need at prices that suit your budget.

Professional Photography

Lightroom & Photoshop Editing

Photo Categorising

Professional Videography

Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing

Video Categorising

Creative Copy

Blog Articles

Email Newsletters

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

We deal with a lot of custom, and tailored requests. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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